Officially Diversified


Two days before Nina’s one-month birthday, she got her Australian passport.

Now we’re officially diversified – a household of three with three different passports 🙂 I never would have imagined it possible …

Australian immigration law grants the local-born child with the right of the Australian nationality even if only one of the parents is Permanent Resident (doesn’t have to be citizen, which we are not). So we decided Nina is going to be Australian.

And she is also already legally a French citizen although we haven’t started to apply for a passport for her yet (hey, Mr Sarkozi, do you know how fussy/complicated it is to apply for a French passport overseas when one of the child’s parents is non-French citizen??).

Well, she cannot legally be Chinese at the same time … unfortunately … I will just say this much for now … But I wish she will grow up feeling at least 33% Chinese at/in/with heart.

Now, for anyone who wants to know what it is like to take a young infant’s passport photo – be VERY patient, take LOTS and LOTS of shots, and pray that you will get one that fits the thousands of passport photo criteria.


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