Linguistic Diversity in Sydney


By going to the mothers’s group, I realized just how many multilingual families there are out there in Sydney – or at least in Chatswood area.

Just in my mothers’ group, there are moms who are speaking French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Ukranian, Korean, and Chinese to their babies. It’s very encouraging to see that every mom is so comfortable and natural in speaking respective language to the baby.

Statistically in the year of 2010, 15% of Australian speak a language other than English at home. 22% are overseas born and 25% of people born here have at least one parent born overseas. And that’s for whole Australia. I’m quite certain that the figure is much higher around Sydney.

I suggested to two other ladies, Grace (Spanish speaking) and Emilie (French speaking), that we should get together regularly so just to share our multilingual experience. Yet to propose to other moms in the similar situation, but they two seem quite keen with the idea. It’s going to be great to be able to share our experience, learnings, frustration, and encouragement with each other, together with our bubs who are at the same age.

Nina started to make more sounds and I wonder if some of these sounds are more Chinese, and some more French. I’m sure they are not, but one could always think crazy thoughts, couldn’t she? 🙂


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