Life is a constant source of thoughts


When I just started the maternity leave, I thought six months is forever. Now I know that forever comes to an end really fast!


Today is my last day as a full-time mother. Tomorrow I’m back in the office.


Nina has started day care one week ago to test the water. Overall it’s quite a success, and I’m glad with how things are going, with her and with myself. With that said, I do have a few thoughts these days.

1) With Nina spending most of her waking hours at day care – in an English speaking environment -, how is Nina going to be exposed to enough amount of Chinese AND French? Realistically, there is only short period of time in the morning and in the evening (1.5 hrs respectively, which includes also feeding, bathing and whatever that needs to be done) during week days. And I don’t want to become a parent who talks and talks all the time JUST for the sake of talking. Whatever form the language exposure is in, it has to come from natural and joyful events that both Nina and I (or my husband) enjoy. So, it got me wonder what others are doing when facing similar situation.


2) One really has be to more relaxed about the amount of ‘care’ the child gets at day care. I thought I was totally prepared, but when I saw the patch of pumpkin (or whatever the vegie is) around Nina’s nose when I picked her up, I realized that she would never ever get the same amount of attention from the day care center as she would from her parents, i.e. my husband and me. That’s one of the main reasons why, I guess, a lot of parents decide to stay longer at home with their children (or not returning to work at all with some) and some resort to the help from grandparents  (as in many Chinese families’ case). I couldn’t help but wondering if I am being selfish that I didn’t take the whole year off … But then again, sooner or later, one day the little one will have to move on and live her own life … Starting earlier might help her to get used to it earlier …

Life is a constant source of thoughts, isn’t it?

P.S. for anyone who is still spending significant amount of time together with her/his child, enjoy!



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