Chinglish In The Air


The 56th meeting of Chinglish Bilingual Toastmasters Club on the 12th of September 2012 was a very special one. Not only did we have a record number of visitors for the year (15 of them!), there was a professional recording machine busily capturing the speeches – in English, in Chinese, or in both – as well as the non-stop laughter in the room.

Next to the machine was Tiger Webb, who contacted Chinglish a week earlier on behalf of Lingua Franca program of ABC Radio National, asking if he could come over for an interview because they are interested in the bilingual and bicultural aspect of our club.

Of course he could!

After the meeting, Mark Taylor, Chinglish’s current President, and myself, charter president and current VPPR, received a 30-minute interview with Tiger.

Tiger’s questions, such as how Chinglish started and where the name of ‘Ten Thousands of Why’ session comes from, brought back so many fond memories when a bunch of us tried to make a dream come true. Our dream was to set up a unique club that would help our members to speak confidently in English and/or in Mandarin Chinese, and to understand more about each other’s culture so to communicate more effectively. More than two years down the road, Chinglish is attracting more and more visitors to become part of the dream. Many of them stayed on to become members.

It was a humble experience to receive an interview from a national radio for the first time, and I cannot help but feeling extremely proud of being part of Chinglish.

Now the question is, will there be Chinglish in the air? let’s cross our fingers. 加油 Chinglish!


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