After almost 5 years of publishing my experience of trilingual parenting and our round-the-world trip, I decided the site deserves a domain on its own (with added flexibility and functions that come with it).

Hence I am moving all posts to www.trilingualfamily.com from November 2015 onwards. It means that:

  1. all new posts will be posted only on the new site http://www.trilingualfamily.com
  2. all existing posts from this site will be migrated to the new site too. Nothing is lost.
  3. I will no longer add new content on this site after this last post.

Thank you all the visitors to this site in the past 5 years. Your visiting and comments (to this site as well as through the facebook group) has given me enormous amount of motivation to continue writing, and the pleasure of getting to know many others out there sharing the experience of raising multilingual children and travelling with them. If I have sparkled any thoughts in anyone, I am grateful.

See you at the new site www.trilingualfamily.com 🙂



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